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Togo relies heavily on agriculture with cocoa, coffee, and cotton making up to 40% of the nation’s earnings. Although it is one of the smallest countries in Africa, Togo is a paradise for eco-tourism with 17% of the land covered with lush forests. 

Working for a fairer world

Volunteers with Y Care International work with a range of young people including those who are in conflict with the law.

They run English clubs in schools and in YMCA local unions in order to improve pupils communication skills. They run health clubs, construct tippy taps in schools and communities, and raise awareness of common health issues and youth justice amongst young people in conflict with the law.

As a volunteer you may also support young people with the issuing of birth and nationality certificates which are vital for them to be able to progress in their education. 

market in Togo

Living in Togo

All volunteers working in Togo live with host families. You'll be expected to join in with family activities, including meals. The food provided is typical Togolese food such as aklui zogbon - a porridge like dish which is eaten with a doughnut-like ball called botoquoin. 

ICS partners working in Togo

Y Care International

Your ICS placement is about more than what you do while you're overseas.

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