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South Africa

In South Africa, an estimated 5.6 million people are living with HIV and AIDS, the highest figure in the world.

Be open minded and willing to learn as much as possible. Do not be afraid and just remember why you applied and what you’re in a community to do.
Nkululeko Mtambo
Tearfund ICS Team leader
Volunteer Nkululeko

Supporting health initiatives

Volunteers with Restless Development and Tearfund work to promote safe sex practices and understanding in order to reduce rates of HIV and AIDS and address teenage pregnancy. The work also covers other social issues such as gender violence.

Volunteers reach young people through schools, community groups and at events created to raise awareness.

Restless Development projects are located in the Eastern Cape region. Tearfund projects are located in KwaZulu Natal and Limpopo.

Helping people to provide for themselves and their families

Restless Development volunteers work with young people to increase their ability to earn a decent income. Projects have a significant focus on career development, entrepreneurship and mentoring.

ICS partners working in South Africa

Restless Development


Your ICS placement is about more than what you do while you're overseas

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Tsirie, a young woman from South Africa, shares her experience tackling the world's second biggest killer of young people. Tsirie is a Restless Development volunteer with ICS